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Our BEST toddler fun activities: no-mess finger painting, potching at the sink, build a sweet fort, scope out some big wheels, and five easy (light) green toddler activities.

7 Things I learned from taking a two-year old to Machu Picchu

Traveling with a toddler to Machu Picchu

I recently took my 2.5 year old to Machu Picchu. You might be thinking: Why would I do that? What was I thinking? (related: I now have very strong opinions about where to go, what to expect, and how to time it right when traveling internationally with a small child) To answer your questions: Why […]

My very strong opinions about bath toys

All you need to know about baby bath toys

In my nine years of experience living with a kid-friendly bathroom and tub, I’ve developed some very strong opinions about what’s good and bad in bath toys. Allow me to share four lessons with you. Your squirty toys are nasty, mildewy, and gross. I’m sure there’s some recipe for regularly cleaning with bleach and then making them […]