Activity #297: Carry an extra set of keys

My friend Linda turned me on to this idea and I really don’t know how I didn’t think of this myself… I came oh-so-close to it. This was me:

  • Why does Holden cry when I need my keys for driving?
  • How come the plastic keys just aren’t doing it?
  • Gee, where can I get a set of really good fake keys?
  • I need to throw away some of these keys that I don’t know what they open

And then like magic today, I learned that baby Amalia also loves keys and she is just as happy with her “fake set” of real keys from the hardware store (duh!). Since she is especially fond of the car keys, her folks got her some uncut (thus safer) car-style keys to round out the set. Genius.

Whitney has other good fakie fake ideas not involving a trip to the hardware store.