Breastfeeding resources (notes to self)

I scheduled this post before my baby arrived. If you are reading this while nursing, rest assured that I am also either unsnapping my nursing bra or just snapping it back up. Or maybe feeling too lazy to bother clicking it back in place.

As such, I’ve collected the combined wisdom of many rookie moms to create a nursing cheat sheet for myself. Feel free to use it.

We live in Berkeley where breastfeeding isn’t so much a “choice” or a “lifestyle” but a “requirement.” I can only say that comfortably in hindsight.

I know there are many parts of the world where you feel this same assumption and there are others where the expectation is the opposite. If I remember correctly, Whitney was a breastfed California baby and I was a formula-fed Ohio baby. Of course in the seventies, we probably both had whole milk and even ice cream before we turned one. (And by “remember” I’m going by what my mama told me, not the actual memory of not nursing)

Our experience aside, breastfeeding is a very personal, individual choice. And once you make your decision to do it (or even not to do it), you are likely to face challenges. I’m talking about your milk supply, your modesty, your baby’s knack for nursing (or taking a bottle), your willingness to pump, other people’s support or criticism and on and on.

The most helpful book that guided me on the path to breastfeeding success was The Nursing Mother’s Companion. Between two different nursing babies, I had nearly every obstacle listed (mastitis, infection, blisters, etc.). Each of my dramas was dealt with in a straightforward manner in the book. And I plan to keep it handy again.

Here are several fantastic online breastfeeding resources from our guest blogger, PhD in Parenting.

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Any other advice or tips to share with me? I’ll take ’em.