Baby wipes in every room? Yes please.

This post about cleaning up life’s messes was sponsored by Huggies.

In 2005, I purchased a refillable tub of Huggies baby wipes that I still use. Last week, I intended to purchase the latest formulation of Huggies Wipes (the ones with NEW Triple Clean action) but instead, I bought EIGHT NEW TUBS! Holy cats, sometimes online shopping really is too confusing for me.
How many baby wipes is enough?

In all likelihood, I will donate the bonus tubs to Help a Mother Out to help needy baby bums, but part of me was at least a little excited to plop the tubs in every room in my house (and car!) so I’ll never be more than 10 feet from clean hands and faces.

{Cue the evil genius music}

These are the boys I live with:
My boys can be so messy

When I first became a mom, I thought that wipes were just for cleaning butts, but now that my kids bring home a series of little messes, I think we’ll have some active containers long after the diaper days are over.

These are the messes I typically tackle with wipes:

  • FOOD: yogurt goatee, buttery fingers, “I do it myself” applesauce in the hair
  • Bodily fluids: Diaper stuff, eye gunk, and super snotty noses
  • Outside dirt: garden variety black fingernail stuff
  • Paint: finger paint, face paint, spray paint, you name it!

I keep wipes tubs in the kitchen, nursery and minivan. I subscribe to a steady supply of wipes refills so I never run out.
Boy in a backyard mudslide

Last month, Milo and some buddies turned a lovely backyard birthday party into a mud-pit in a matter of minutes. What the?? He needed the hose (see above) and then still had to come home naked wrapped in a blanket. His clothes required some aggressive hosing and they were also saved. Of course, some messes are too big for wipes alone, but I was happy to have them after touching this kid and squeezing him into my car!

Do you have any creative uses for baby wipes?


This post was sponsored by Huggies. All experiences and opinions are my own. They meant to send me a new tub of wipes for testing but I accidentally ordered eight. Win win, I say.

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