Are you an adventurous new mama-to-be with a blog?

No idea what I'm doing? Rookie MomsIf you have a baby bump; a penchant for chronicling your escapades; and a camera, we should really talk.

Rookie Moms is about celebrating what’s fun (and real!) about the early years of motherhood. Since our own babies have dared to get bigger, we are currently looking for expectant moms (or moms with babies who are just a month or two old) to attempt and document our 52 challenges. Are you in?

What we are looking for:

  • A best effort at doing each challenge. Weekly.
  • Your results to be posted on (including 2-4 photographs to which you have the rights). Monthly.
  • Your authentic rookie mom voice shining through. Always.

What you get from us:

  • Love and appreciation. Social media and blog links.
  • A full post on each month.
  • Compensation TBD.

To apply for the gig:

  • Send us some samples of your work: links to three (3) different posts or articles written by you including some photography.
  • Email your work samples to moms @ rookie with the subject line RM CHALLENGE

Ok, WHEW. Got all that?

If you’re not about to have your first baby, there are other opportunities to write with us. We’re not actively seeking other guest writers currently, but if you have any real first-person stories about you and your baby and your adventures as a rookie mom (or dad), we’d be happy to consider it.

Please note: We do NOT accept guest posts from SEO marketing companies or writers representing commercial websites.

[Illustration by Amy Saidens is from our book, The Rookie Moms Handbook. All rights reserved.]