Another crazy experiment in potty training

Tie-dye toddler undies | how and whyUgh. We are not THERE yet. We are so close. In fact, 12 months ago, I thought we were super duper ticking-time-bomb close because my not-yet-two-year old was so interested in pooping in the potty. Fast forward a year and he’s still quite interested in #2 because he gets to trade $h1# for candy. But peeing is boring and takes him away from playing, so we haven’t advanced to undies from diapers.

When I wanted to do a tie-dye party, I decided to dye his plain gerber training pants and make them more fun and exciting. Because why not?

I prefer these super absorbent undies because they keep more liquid in (and less on my floor) and also help the child feel wet when he’s peed. Win/win. But they’re boring as heck. So, if your child wants character pull-ups, these are lame in comparison.

My ingredients:

Following the instructions on Wendolonia for tie dye, I started off by trying to make brilliant swirly patterns and designs. After my second sangria, I just let my kid spray the squirt-bottles all over and tried to steer clear of getting any colors on my skin and clothes.

Tie-dye toddler undies | how and why

And our results!

Tie-dye toddler undies | how and whyThough I felt silly doing this — hence the sangria — there are two reasons why I think it is a good enough idea to share and replicate:

  1. high-quality training undies are now personalized and fun
  2. tie-dye hides stains (‘nuf said)

It’s too soon to say whether these are the magic missing piece to get my son to pee in the potty, but he was asking about them this morning, and self-motivation is the true key ingredient.

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Good luck and for the love of your furniture, don’t do this in the house, I already told you how I feel about food coloring and toddlers!