Angry Birds birthday party on the cheap (-cheap)

For Holden’s sixth birthday party, he wanted a playable Angry Birds cake (and a huge pile of LEGOs). Since that’s not going to happen, we are still working together to combine his clever theme into games that non-iPhone-addicted children will want to play. And keep it on budget.

But seriously, have you seen this cake? I want it too.

I want to find the right combination of games that are fun for normal (not Angry-Birds-obsessed) five- and six-year old kids but play on the theme. I got a few great ideas from these party sites: Birthday Parties for Kids and The Party Animal.

My favorite contenders for games include:

  • Angry Birds egg hunt. I stocked up on a few empty plastic eggs right after Easter and can fill them with temporary tattoos, coins, and maybe (just maybe) candy.
  • Angry Birds demolition game. Rookie Dad Alec has been busy creating egg-shaped papier-mâché blobs that (if time permits) will turn into eggs or pigs. The boys also made a homemade catapult to fire water balloons at these targets. I’ll admit I’m nervous on this one and still looking for more fun game ideas.
  • Angry Birds piñata. Honestly, I could live without a piñata, but my kids can’t. They think that birthdays mean cake and piñata. If we can swing it, my papier-mâché-wielding husband will make something like this gorgeous red bird from AllThingsThrifty.
Sweet but angry pinata from All Things Thrifty

I am absolutely open to all other (easy) suggestions!


I can see myself ordering something take-out for the kids and doing one of the simpler food items as a garnish. I found these adorable, yet angry, edibles from Babble.

Babybel-style Angry Birds via Babble


If I get my act together, I may also create some of these fun decorations for the picnic tables in the park to add to the cute.

Cardboard tube table toppers from Crafts by Amanda.

Crafts by Amanda very angry table toppers

Cute balloons from Tip Junkie

printable balloon templates from tip junkie

You know what I would like? Printable little cards that I stick into cake or cupcakes. Yes! I don’t bake, but I can glue cute cards — that I didn’t design — onto small sticks. Cupcake topper cards are awesome. They make it look like I went to soooo much effort. (Then again, I think we need new toner in the printer so this might be too much effort after all.) Do those exist?

I am overwhelmed with all the decorations and games I could possibly make, so I need some help simplifying. Save my paint-stained hands and glue-splotched maternity jeans. Share your sanity-saving birthday party ideas, thematic or not.