6 sanity savers for cold days

While you are reading this, I am driving from Yosemite back to my house in Berkeley. Therefore, I wrote this post in advance. We bloggers can be sneaky that way.

I’m surely suffering a little case of family-gatherings-mostly-take-place-indoors-especially-when-you’ve-rented-a-cabin-in-the-winter, so I bring you a few thematically linked posts. All intended to help fight the Stir Crazies.

yoga ball with newborn mom

  1. Fussy newborn? Bounce it out. Or just get out of the house. Place baby in front carrier, zip jacket around her, and go.
  2. Excitable preschooler? How to make a tutu to keep your ballerina busy – without sewing!
  3. Fearing the 4 pm witching hour? Brave the world and head to an outdoor supply store like REI. This quick outing will entertain everyone, and then head home in time for dinner.
  4. Need a project? Publish your own I Spy book for your baby or toddler. Use her special items like a monogrammed spoon or pacifier to personalize the scenes.
  5. Feed your kid on the floor since that’s where it’s all gonna end up anyway.
  6. Want to get wet? Try potching.