Activity #162: Give yourself the four week challenge

It is flipping hard to get into a new routine. Especially with a little person in your life with their own needs, schedules, and unpredictability. I can recommend the four-week challenge to get yourself on track. Here are a few times I’ve tried it with mixed success:

  • Prenatal yoga with a toddler in tow. Each time we went, I’d get pulled out because Holden was crying. Every time but once. Still worth trying.
  • Six O’Clock Scramble. I made dinner from this cookbook for an entire month as an exercise in getting dinner on the table. It worked great, so why am I back to struggling.
  • Flossing. Is it normal or tragic to admit that I have to force myself to floss? Little goals and publicly outing myself helps.
  • Exercise… ok, that’s still coming soon!

Make the arrangements necessary to do what you keep thinking you ought to do. Try your new thing out for a while and refine your plan along the way. Report back to us!

What do you want to do today?

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