Reader “did-do” round-up (with photos)

Do you know what gets me really excited? Seeing evidence that our brainstorms over here are actually inspiring people to take action. Today I’m sharing three pieces of photographic evidence that y’all are reading and doing.

1. Activity #450: Sew a quick newborn hat from a t-shirt

Cute cute cute! Heidi has four kids AND she’s smart and funny. She made this hat for #4 from an old pair of yoga pants.

2.  Activity #75: Fake ’em out

A reader named Jen commented, “My 9-month old is currently banging on our old broken laptop. It saves my Macbook!” I asked her to send me a picture.  Here is baby Liam going to town on his very own computer.

3. Rookie Mom Challenge #5: Go to the market for just one thing

Successfully completed by Mia, who took one-month old Kalia to the market and ended up buying a lot more than one thing. On her blog she describes the adventure in detail.

Here is Kalia demonstrating how to be super adorable in a grocery store.

Keep on sharing your successes (and flops) with us. Link to your adventures here in the comments. What else is on your did-do list?