3 HOT kitchen products I lust

Every evening when I’m making dinner, I thank God for the same few kitchen products. I totally want to shout it from the rooftops, like I have some of the best few things that anyone could possibly ever get. In short, I want to make out with some of my appliances. Not when they’re on, of course, because OUCH. But we’re talking true love.

Then again, how can I profess such true and deep love for three different products? Don’t they get jealous? Wouldn’t you? I tell them that I love them all differently… that even though they heat things up for me, they do it in such a different and special way that my feelings are truly unique. You be the judge:

  1. My Breville Toaster Oven. Oh lordy, this one was a splurge! I labored over it for weeks. I asked real life friends and online friends; I read reviews and grilled the good folks at Bed Bath and Beyond before committing. This is like that match.com guy who seems too good to be true so you ask all your friends to weigh in. Well, after a year, I can tell you, it’s that good! He It makes me pizza, bakes cookies, roasts chicken, cooks bacon, warms leftovers, and so much more. [First date with the Breville] Visit Breville Toaster Oven on Amazon. $230 give or take.
  2. My Scanpan non-stick non-evil omelet pan. This love is best in the morning. He It makes me an egg with no sticking (with or without oil), every day, whether I wash it or not. The Scanpan first caught my eye outside of a Sur Le Table demo with my son. I learned that it was made in Denmark with revolutionary, non-stick properties that could even withstand metal utensils. When in Copenhagen, I searched for it, hoping to bring home a pricey frying pan as a souvenir and birthday present (like a loser). But the joke was on me; it was much cheaper on Amazon. I’m trying to save up for a big one next. Check out my favorite omelet pan. $50ish.
  3. My Instant Hot water dispenser. Whether it is hot tea, wilted spinach, instant oatmeal, or a quick start to boiling, this device is always ready for action. Hot and wet at the press of a button. No questions asked. He It does tend to run hot and cold. [First impressions on the Instant Hot]. Experiment with your own hot filtered water. $270 plus or minus.

And, I have to give an honorable mention to my old friend, The Foreman Grill. We were buddies before I got married and had children. I still turn to it one or more times per week, but the luster is definitely starting to wear off (like literally, the finish is coming off! ewww).

What’s not to love about an indoor grill that cooks everything in half the time? Since the finish is wearing off, stuff sticks to it. And I hate cleaning it. Plus if someone puts it away without cleaning it one more time, I might just throw up. It’s like the college “friend with benefits” that I hope to soon outgrow.