100th day of Kindergarten projects

All around the country, Kindergarten students are getting the same assignment: In honor of the 100th day of school, create a project that brings to life the number 100. Many classrooms have a “100 Days Party”.

“When did this start being a thing?” asked my friend Jen as she posted this picture of her daughter on Instagram.


I can’t answer that question, but I can validate that it is officially a Thing. Even Oriental Trading Company would like to sell you some stickers, pencils, and bracelets that shout “100!” to help celebrate and clutter up your home.

When Julian was in Kindergarten, he and I used the 100 Days project as an excuse to get crafty. We cut up strips of fabric — actually he picked them and I cut — into 100 squarish scraps. Then we pinned them onto a square piece of fabric. And then we sewed.

100th Day of School Project

We kept it simple, just ten running stitches all the way across the fabric. In my over-ambitious crafters mind, I was going to turn this into a pillow for him after we brought it home from school, but he’s in second grade now and I still haven’t gotten around to it.

This morning over coffee, I gave Heather a handful of less involved ideas:

1- a bag of 100 pennies

2- a string of 100 beads

3 – a chain of 100 pipe cleaners

4- a creation from 100 LEGO bricks

And then I came home and found that some other crazypants parents had done these fantastic projects with their children. And I say “crazypants” with the utmost respect for their creativity.

Filled a gumball print out with 100 “gumballs”

via Serving Pink Lemonade

Handmade a 100 Days t-shirts with tally marks

via Really Quite Lucky

 Made a 100-eyed monster

via My Mix of Six

I have a few days to decide what to help Scarlett bring to school for her 100 Days celebration. She might want to replicate Julian’s project, in which case I’ll have a nice matching set of never-gonna-be-finished throw pillows, but I’m guessing she’ll suggest something impossible, like 100 guinea pigs or a piggy bank stuffed with 100 one-hundred dollar bills.

What do you know about this Thing?