10 costume ideas for baby’s first Halloween

by on September 11, 2012

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I’ve been saving and pinning images of baby Halloween costumes all year. I wanted to share this early in case you are inspired to order something or start getting crafty.

1. A Yoda hat like the one above can be the starting point for a Star Wars-themed costume. Wrap baby in a cream-colored blanket and tie with a belt to give him a Jedi robe. (photo from this Etsy shop.)

2. Fried egg – Use a plain, white sleeper or onesie and attach a piece of yellow felt cut into a circle for the yolk. Or, execute the egg look on a blanket and drape it over your baby when she’s sleeping in the car seat.

3. I am in love with these other carseat “costumes”. Aren’t they brilliant? Find them at this etsy shop. (If you have a crafty grandma within reach, I always encourage you to show them a photo and ask if they can make something like this.)

4. Swaddled baby options:  Sozo makes a blanket/hat duo that turns your infant into a ladybug, bumble bee, sock monkey, or cow. (Buy them here)

pig hat for baby

5. Pig in a blanket. (Pair hat above with white or pink jammies. Wrap in blanket.)

6. Football.  Start with a brown snapsuit and use white masking tape to add stitching. Or, use a white bodysuit and red sharpie, or felt if you’re fancy, to add baseball stitching. (Photo from this etsy shop.)

Costume ideas for babies

Source: etsy.com


7. I don’t really get why a sushi costume seems to be so popular these days (based on my online research) but for a baby who will be laying down, this execution is really cute.

8. The droid you’re looking for is right here. R2D2 is darn cute for a baby or even a new walker who holds his arms out like a robot. Found in this etsy shop.

9. Bottle. Easier to dress as a bottle than a boob (though the hat could work for either), wouldn’t you say? via Buzzfeed. Make ounce lines on a white outfit and top it off with a white or beige newborn cap, left unknotted.

10. Cozy, washable costume from Old Navy. Comes in strawberry and banana “flavors”. I think I’d cut a hole through the front and back, just to the side of the zipper near the crotch, to allow for snapping baby into carseat or stroller.

More baby costumes for slings and carriers >

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