You’ll totally wear that again: prom dress becomes princess dress

My bloggy friend Carrie, the creative supermom behind This Mama Makes Stuff, posted this eco-amazing hack on her blog a few weeks ago: convert thrift store 80s prom dresses into princess dresses for your little fantasy lover.

I always hit my children’s resale shops at the beginning of October and again after Halloween to keep my children’s bountiful dress up collection going. I have observed, like Carrie says, that it is harder to find dress-up gear for sizes above 4T. This solves that problem.

If you live in an expensive area where thrift store prices are not actually cheaper than big box stores (I’m looking at you, San Francisco!) pass this suggestion along to your small town-based mother-in-law. Even better if she’ll do the sewing, too.

Since Carrie has mad sewing skills, she probably took in the side seams as well as shortened the hem and sleeves, but I’m sure a few raw edges would not bother most little kids.

Do any of you have bridesmaids dresses hanging in your closet that you might use for your daughter or a niece to play tea party in?