What it feels like for a girl, um, I mean mommyblogger

So, last night, right around 10:10, I lost my karaoke virginity. Ever since Guitar Hero entered my house, I knew this day would come. Before Guitar Hero, however, I was confident that my phobia of public singing would last a lifetime.

As I accepted the invitation from @Vdog to join a gaggle of bloggers for dinner and karaoke, I promised myself that I wouldn’t be that loser in the corner saying, “no, really, I can’t sing.” Heather assured me that terrible singing can be charming. Not what I heard from my elementary school music teachers who encouraged me to sing more quietly as my lack of tone was throwing the other children off-melody.

So no matter what the other chicks thought of me, I’m guessing they didn’t think I was a party pooper. I ripped my delicate blouse off to reveal my wife beater, in attempt to better channel Avril Lavigne, as I launched into my first solo: Complicated. And I gave it all that I’ve got.

@rookiemom_whit is so Complicated on Twitpic

I’m not going to say that I rocked the house. (Do I have to first confess that we were in a private room, limiting the audience to ten women?) But I will say that I had a very good time.

The witnesses of this blessed event include Stefania, Deb, Xiaolin Mama, Queen of Spain, Lindsay, TechMama Beth, Glennia, Vdog, and of course, Heather. Too bad Jill had to leave early. Maybe she would have joined me on stage.

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