Activity #44: Wear something you normally wouldn’t

Today is the day to dig way into your closet and pull out something that doesn’t get enough love. Aren’t you pretty much guaranteed that others will be dressed in more eye-catching outfits than yours?

My son will be dressed as Santa Claus, so I will be an elf. The hat is the key to this outfit, so I’ve got a lot of freedom with my choices from the neck down. I will be wearing a red dress, a green scarf, green knee highs and purple pointy-toed shoes.

Oh, and I allowed the woman at the nail salon to do this to me.

So, what’s your plan? If not a costume, do you have a sweater that’s just a little too orange? A skirt that’s a little too weird? What is stored in your dresser that you have been avoiding? Pull it out and, as Tim Gunn would say, make it work.

This is your 44th weekly challenge. Read the rest of our challenges for Rookie Moms and complete them all!

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