We welcome these baby Halloween costumes into the Rookie Moms Hall of Fame

I’m not sure how it ended up that I got assigned this particular post as Heather’s is by far the Star Wars-loving household between us. But as she is frolicking about in Palm Springs at Camp Mighty, here I am showing off the very adorable baby Princess Leia costume our friend Ha made for her daughter.

Excellent baby costumes

Excellent baby costumes

Though Sophie (below) is already eight, I have to share her “posing” as a sea cucumber when she was an infant. Her mom also forwarded me the photo that served as inspiration. I love it!

Baby costume Hall Of Fame


Reader Sarah sent this photo of her homemade zebra costume, which I love because my daughter Scarlett was a homemade Zebra when she was one, but somehow I have no photos of it. Sarah did an awesome no-sew job, right?

Baby costume Hall of Fame on Rookie Moms

Colleen Cunningham sent us this R2D2 costume she made from a white sleepsack by simply drawing R2’s buttons on the chest and hat. Very cute, especially when paired with big sister’s store-bought Yoda costume.

Baby costume Hall of Fame on Rookie Moms

Thanks to everyone who has shared costumes with us. Feel free to share your pictures from last year on our Facebook page!


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