Visit a farm

It makes me and Ryan feel like Real Parents when we take Julian on outings like Tilden Park’s Little Farm. Animals and their sounds is one of our favorite topics of conversation with Julian. Of course at this age, our babies barely get what’s going on, but showing them the live animals on a farm somehow feels very important.

Perhaps you live near animals and don’t think anything of it, but for us city folk, these experiences have to be sought out. In Berkeley, there is a little farm and nature center in Tilden Park. No admission fee. Just like on Old MacDonald’s farm, there are pigs, sheep, cows, goats, rabbits and chickens. That’s it. Hence the name Little Farm.

You’ll see older kids feeding celery to the goats and be able to fantasize about your baby becoming a Real Kid some day.

Pack up a lunch for yourself and the kid and go up there for a walk. This is a great one for when you have the grandparents visiting and need to get everyone out of the house.