VBAC – The aftermath

Hi. I am here. I am reading, I am just not writing. I just had a baby, you see. Eight days ago. I am not fit to blog right now. I am probably injuring myself just sitting in this computer chair. My sitting parts hurt. A lot. Second baby, but first time out the chute — turns out it’s more like a first baby.

So, let me just excuse myself for a few more days. I really thought I’d be out and about by now, but I just can’t do it.

I don’t mind feeling like I might cry at any moment. I don’t mind the cracked nipples. I don’t mind the insane rash on my back from the epidural. What’s bothering me is right between my legs. I have third degree rippage. I can only sit on pillows, and prefer those that are shaped like a donut. When will this feel better? Tell us, how long did it take you to get moving?