Under the influence: October edition

I’m really really hoping that enough of you were influenced by our post yesterday about the DIAPER act that you will sign the petition. In general, it’s not my goal to boss our readers around, but rather to inspire them to get out of the house and do fun stuff — with babies in tow.

I do love to hear what — if anything — reading Rookie Moms has motivated you to do lately, whether it was one of our activities for moms on maternity leave or reading a book we mentioned.

Here are some examples of the impact that *word of mouth* has had on les Rookie Moms recently. I guess Heather and I are both easily influenced by things we read online!

  • Shana posted a bevvy of choices for a postpartum wardrobe and Heather bought a shocking number of them.
  • Then she purchased a weird innovative pacifier for Sawyer because Alyssa Milano recommended it on Twitter.  (I can’t even comment on this.)
  • On ParentHacks, my friend Christine commented that walking your child to school is a good way to squeeze a workout into your schedule. That day, I embarked on a two-school pick-up walk-a-thon that resulted in me pushing nearly 80 lbs of kid, plus backpacks and rainboots in a single stroller for nearly two miles — a workout indeed!
  • Kami mentioned her “jeggings” from Target as a comfy choice with boots and I went right out and bought them.
  • Kristen posted about chocolate manufacturing and it’s relationship to the abuse of children in Africa, and I didn’t even watch the videos she shared (yet), but I started looking for opportunities to buy fair-trade chocolate instead of any that isn’t marked with that label.
  • I saw this project posted on Pinterest by amazing crafty blogger Made by Dana and I did it with my kids


What influenced you recently? Did someone at work tell you where they bought their cute iPhone cover? Did you download a book you heard about on Facebook? Did you decide to breastfeed because Kourtney Kardashian does?