Under the influence, mid-summer edition

This is the second of a three-part series sponsored by Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone.

One day earlier this year, I was present during a conversation between Heather and our friend Andrea. Andrea’s boots were super cute and Heather said so. And then, after asking Andrea’s permission, she pulled her smart phone out of her purse and ordered them on Amazon.

self-portrait by Andrea Scher (wearing THE boots)

I loved this moment — so indicative of the time in which we are living — and only wished I had also ordered myself a pair.  At the time, I didn’t have a phone that enabled such spontaneous consumption.

Now, I have this Windows Phone, and not only do I have an Amazon app (watch out) but it can scan bar codes.  Danger, danger!

I realize that I am frequently under the influence of my friends and family, now with much greater speed.

I just bought a new digital camera because I was impressed by my mom’s version of it.

Scarlett got a ZhuZhu Pets hamster and house for her birthday because a family that I like had it, and that made it seem okay. I also rented a bouncy house for her party after seeing one in a similar sized backyard.

And now, I can go bar code crazy. If my son loves playing with football player figurines at your house, well I just might buy them. To figure out where and how much, I just hold my phone up and let it scan the bar code. Boom. Done. Just wait for shipping.

Now’s where you all make me feel like I’m not alone in this behavior. How many times have you seen that your friend’s child has a certain toy or piece of baby gear and thought, “I’d like to have that”?

Do you buy stuff on your phone?

If you want to see how life looks on a Windows Phone, use their Facebook app to get a preview of the interface. My husband is sort of in love with it. True story.