Uncommonly awesome

I know I practically complained about all the gifts that would be coming into my house this month, but I’d like to apologize for that because my stepmom did all of her shopping for us at Uncommon Goods, and we love it all.

I’ll just tell you about a few favorites.

This Pooki doll has fleece backpack straps on it, so when Scarlett toddles around, she can bring her cute buddy with her.

The monkey slippers arrived in baby size for Scarlett and toddler size for Julian. Totally cute. I made Julian a scarf to match, but I’ll save that for another post.

For me, a set of three zipper pouches for cosmetics or whatnot. They are made of recycled bags.

We are loving this memory game with faces from around the world. Great for 3+. I love the style of illustrations and the tiles are high quality to withstand the ungentle hold of grubby hands.

Are you so jealous? Do you wish your Hanukkah looked like this?

So, although I feel the need to go to a mall sometime this week, I think I could probably get away with one big order from Uncommon Goods for most of my shopping list.