Twins Week: Link love and photo gallery for multiple mamas

So many useful websites have already tackled twins, so at this point, I think it would be best for us to let these links and pictures speak for themselves.

Link: Naturally Parenting Twins: Loads of belly galleries and if you click around, breastfeeding twin photos, and babywearing twins photos.

YouTube sensation video: Captivating conversation between pre-verbal twin boys

Journal entry: Rebecca from GirlsGoneChild is currently expecting her third and fourth children, twin girls. She shows off her belly each week in a black unitard.

Book recommendation: Emotionally Healthy Twins: A New Philosphy for Parenting Two Unique Children

Need a break? Tips for when you’re looking for a babysitter to care for multiples from Sitter Pals.

Necessity is the mother of invention (and twins): Highchair for two; double decker cribs; twin baby carriers.

Play this video to see pregnant twin mom Rebecca talk about what to expect with mom of TWO SETS OF TWINS Jen and adult twin Heather. (First a 15 second commercial)

And finally, here’s what we imagine all you twin moms look like on a daily basis. What?

Thanks to Gucci and all the real world contributors for these adorable twin pics today: Stefanie Van Aken, Rachel Anderson, Jennifer Mares, Tere Throenle, Patty Yeager, Amanda Faul, and Casey Mooney. See more Twins Week contributions on our Facebook page.