Activity #387: Turn scribbles into fashion

I adore the art projects that my son brings home. I even framed his first watercolor painting, and (perhaps misguidedly) believe it looks like legitimate abstract art. But, I would not ever wear, or buy for someone else, a t shirt or tote bag with one of his drawings front and center. (Well maybe this one for my brother.)

Or so I thought. Turns out that front and center is not the only way to put a design on a shirt. Shawn Hazen showed me that a parent with an eye for design can create something more compelling, like this t shirt he created for his wife for Mother’s Day.


He took 3-year old Finn’s drawing, put it on the computer, reversed out the colors, and repeated the motif. Then he used to have the t shirt produced.

Same story for the hoodie below.


What you need:
– A kid who draws freely and fearlessly
– A scanner or digital camera
– A gift occasion that merits your awesome creativity

Note: If you want to use the service Shawn used, you must convert the images into vector-based art. If you don’t know what that is, Cafe Press or Zazzle will probably serve you just fine.

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