The one where we all judge Tom and Katie

If you are a reader of celebrity gossip, you may have already seen this photo, but I’ve never claimed Rookie Moms as a resource for breaking news.

A few things are happening in these pictures of Suri Cruise and her mom. One is that she’s out very late at night– past midnight, according to the original source where I saw the photo. Whenever I go to the movies and see kids under 5 out at the mall at 10 pm, I think “what the heck?” and judge the parents. Sorry, can’t help it.

Next, let’s discuss what she’s holding. What. She. Is. Holding.  Ok, I’ll give you a minute to think your own thoughts and then tell you the conversation I had with Heather.


Alright then.

So what you should know is that Heather is a parent with very high standards for her own family rules. The rules are not flexible, and they are numerous. As soon as the children walk in the house, they must remove their shoes and wash their hands. NOTHING ELSE MAY BE DONE BEFORE THAT. EVER. (So if you think that having three boys means she’s going to have a house full of footprints and general boy dirt, you’d be wrong.)

She is also extremely watchful of her kids’ sugar intake. They rarely get dessert,  and sometimes they get what we joke about as “How Berkeley can you be?” dessert which is applesauce or maybe vanilla yogurt with cinnamon. Juice? Only at birthday parties. Chocolate milk? No.

In case you think Heather is humorless and no fun right now, that is not at all the case. She is quite adventurous, hilarious, and makes me laugh many times each day. She will buy herself an entire chocolate cream pie from Whole Foods to split with her husband while they watch TV or play video games after the kids go to bed. (Oh, and TV for the children? 30 minutes of PBS Kids per day, tops.)

So when I showed these pictures of Suri to Heather, can you guess what she said?

“My problem with it is that it’s candy!”


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