The one where I made my own souvenir shirt in advance

Last weekend my husband’s company treated us to a day at our closest Six Flags amusement park. We went, although one might argue that a family with kids as young as 3 and 5 and a mom with a broken foot should not bother. We had a super good time, but that’s not what I wanted to share.

Julian loves to dress up. He adores costumes, but really any special outfit makes him happy. If we’re going to see my grandfather, he’d like to wear his suspenders. Going to a concert? Guitar t-shirt, please. It’s actually Wacky Week at his school and today his ensemble includes a cowboy hat and his fake Ugg boots — with shorts of course.

Upon hearing about our big amusement park plans for the day, he told me he’d like a “Six Flags” tshirt. He suggested that I would be making it for him.  That’s my boy!

He helped me pick a plain shirt from his drawer.  Unfortunately for him, I was too lazy to dig up many colors of felt which would have made this shirt a little more festive. I cut six triangles from brown felt and sewed them on the shirt. “Six flags,” I proclaimed.

My customer was 100% satisfied.

He celebrated his new shirt by pairing it with a stylish hat. (Scarlett wants to be just like him, so she picked her Foofa hat, but ultimately, she doesn’t like to have her picture taken.)

And then we were off to meet some characters that my kids had never heard of. Note my fabulous footwear below.

My happy kid and his adoring mama.