Tech Tuesdays: Podcasts

Having worked on a piece of research about what types of new media moms consume, I know that podcasts are not very popular among our demographic. Regardless, I want to share my enthusiasm for them. The listening habit I developed about three months ago has turned me into a regular exerciser, and it’s entirely due to podcasts. I think maybe this means I’m old, my preference to listen to people talk rather than pumping energetic beats through my ear buds. It doesn’t much matter, because it keeps me going, and that’s a good thing.

podcasts-for-momsAfter I drop my children off at school, I take a one-mile walk up a steep hill, while listening to Freakonomics, Here’s The Thing, The Moth, or For Crying Out Loud. Often, I get so immersed in the stories that I don’t want my walk to end. Looking forward to these audio treats motivates me to exercise more regularly than I ever have before. Jillian Michaels would be proud. And sometimes I listen to her podcast, too.

I also listen to The Kitchen Hour, with Meagan Francis, a fellow parenting blogger. I’m calling this one out separately because of Meagan’s intent, to help parents enjoy their time in the kitchen more. She discovered that when she carved out space for her previously dreaded pre-dinner kitchen time, and added some elements to look forward to, including listening to podcasts or music, it became a happy ritual. I have not adopted Meagan’s practice, but I can see how it makes sense, since I had the same experience with walking. Because of the spirit of her podcast, I have also begun firing it up when I am doing a kitchen task I dread, putting away groceries. Having the companionship of two moms chit chatting in the background (Meagan usually has a guest on her show) makes the time fly by.

I know there’s also a whole world of comedy out there in podcast-land, waiting to be discovered by me. I started with You Had To Be There, hosted by two female comedians in their late-20s. I would walk through the Berkeley Hills laughing out loud during my morning hikes. Sometimes embarrassing, but it put me in a good mood in the morning. I’ve gotten tired of that one, but through their weekly guests, I became aware that nearly every working comedian has a podcast.

Do you listen to podcasts? Which ones do you like and when do you listen?

Oh, I almost forgot, the app I use on my phone to find and listen to these shows is called Downcast.