Activity #419: Superhero-ize your stuffed animals

Yesterday, my kids opened a drawer in the dining room that was packed with retired bibs. They were sort of excited to see the bibs, as if they were old friends. When I realized we don’t use bibs at all anymore, it seemed obvious what their future would be: stuffed animal capes.

reuse bib

Julian had a whole plan about how he was going to entertain younger children by flying these guys around attached to a rope. He was not going to let the younger children touch the stuffed animals. (His plan was flawed.)

I was thinking I’d just put a star in the center of the bibs with a Sharpie, but the dictator Julian had a more specific process in mind. Ultimately, we ended up with a Wonder Pets-inspired look. I think a less costume-obsessed child would probably be ok with an unadorned bib.