Style hacks for moms (guest post)

Janette of Sun + Dotter, a personal shopping service for new parents, who I profiled last month, has offered up these picks for parents who don’t want to lose their cool when baby arrives.

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1. Morse code jewelry by Coatt: If you love the idea of wearing a memento of your little one but names and initials aren’t your thing, these customizable Morse code bracelets and necklaces are a perfectly fashionable addition to your jewelry box. (Breaking news: On at a really good price right now, a version of these necklaces, not customized with your name of choice but instead other words appropriate for gifting.)

2. Wooden animal puzzles by Areaware: When baby toys start making their way through your entire house, these are a lifesaver for your well-edited living room. I have this horse perched on a stack of books, and my daughter pulls off its tail or gallops it around the room (or both) regularly.

3. Espresso spoons: One of my favorite baby style hacks yet! When your baby starts on solid foods, rather than buying colorful feeding spoons that you won’t use for long, buy a set of espresso spoons. When baby has moved on to full-sized silverware, you’re left with a classy addition to your kitchen. (Editor’s note: Check IKEA or Amazon!)

4. Bandana bibs by Duchess and Lion: Bandana bibs serve so many amazing purposes. They’re perfect for drooly and spit-uppy babies. A lifesaver for babies with colds. Obvious for meal time. And an eye-catching accessory for day-to-day.

5. Wire earrings by The Modernist: If you thought you had to stop wearing dangly earrings while your baby is small, think again. These simple wire earrings stay put and don’t give baby anything to grasp onto.

6. Max the Raccoon by Hazel Village: My 20-month-old daughter hasn’t attached herself to one specific toy, but her favorites are her really cushy stuffed animals. Hazel Village’s animals are made of organic flannel, they’re the perfect size for a toddler to put in a headlock, and they have amazing clothes and accessories as add-ons. At under $40 they’re a great price point for their style. (Order online at Barney’s)

Thanks, Janette!

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