Stop copying me! A post about twins

Last week I attended a luncheon and amongst the 15 or 20 parents in attendance, four had twins!

I know there’s more to having twins than buying cute onesies that say “stop copying me!” so I asked Laura C, who is the photographer of the above picture and the mother of the twin boys in the photo, to help me with this post. And voila! Here are some resources to pass around.

How Do You Do It? This blog offers lots of good twin-specific advice, like how do you bottle-feed two babies at the same time; breastfeeding multiples; common twin medical stuff like speech delays, developmental delays, reflux; getting out of the house with two babies, and more. Take special note of the post on advice for expectant parents of twins. So much of the good stuff is in the comments.

[tub time with andy and will of the lyon pride]

Twin parent bloggers Here’s a short list of blogs that include twins in the family, divided into two categories:

Folks who actually talk about their twins: Nonlinear Girl, Laura’s Mommy Journal, Double the Fun, TwinDadBlog, Bekki and Adam of Lyon Pride, and Rhode Family SF.

Lifestyle blogs written by people who happen to have twins: Picnic, Techmamas, Garza Girls, Me Too You, The City Cradle, and Cooks, Interrupted. Here’s an extremely long twinsie blogroll at You’ve got your hands full.

[photo of lisa’s twin-swollen belly by jackie]

One more great-looking site I found: Multiples and More A site packed with info and book reviews, this site maintains a sidebar that categorizes other blogs into expectant parents, twin parents, triplets, quads, and preemies, so if you are hungering to follow along with someone who is sharing your experience, look here.

Are you the parent of multiples? Feel free to add more great resources, websites, tips and blogs in the comments!