Activity #94: Send a message via diapers

Surprise Daddy with a message Sharpied on a diaper!

I love; the site offers tons of clever suggestions from readers with kids of all ages.

This is one of my favorite parent hacks, and I think it’s a sweet, simple Valentine’s Day gesture: Pass secret messages on diapers.

The parent/hacker who submitted it wrote:

The other day after “school” I was surprised at changing time with a message on J’s diaper: “My Last Diaper!” — a message from one of her teachers that we needed to bring in another batch of diapers. The next day we sent her to school with her replacement diapers and with a response “Have a good day!” — we kept up the message passing day after day — “I [heart] Mommy and Daddy”, and an homage to Miss J’s winter coat: “I am the cutest purple marshmallow in the world.” Her Dad and I even carried it into the weekend and wrote short love notes to each other. [We do what we must to keep the spark alive. – Ed.]

Today’s naptime activity: Write messages to your partner on four or five diapers, hide them, and use them throughout the week to strategically deliver messages. When my son was a baby and really into touching his privates, I wanted to write “Please take this off so I can access my penis”.

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