Activity #542: Rise to the challenge

An enthusiastic reader of this site and our book, Sam, who lives North of the border and blogs at, is hosting a weekly challenge on her site.

She has acknowledged that being a new mom of two is just as intimidating as being a rookie when it comes to getting out of the house.

She’s helped me look at The Rookie Mom’s Handbook with fresh eyes, actually. I always explain to people that you never get to do your rookie year over again. When you have your second child, you don’t have the long, empty days that need filling. You are busy dealing with the logistics of the first child and there is far less down time. However, now I totally get that we are all rookies with two. It’s our first time getting out of the house with two kids. Taking two kids to the grocery store. Getting two kids to a playdate at the park. And most challenging of all, staying home with two kids alllllll day long.

Sam wants to do more with her two kids, so she’s signed herself up to do three activities from The Rookie Mom’s Handbook each week and invites readers to join her.

She has picked three specific things to do this week, wants you to pick one to do, photograph yourself doing it, and then post your links on her site. There’s a badge to go with “the program” too.

Go visit her, pick an activity for this week, and report back pronto.

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