Reader tip: Waterproof your photography

One of our longest-time readers, LauraC, sent us this tip. Although it’s late in the summer, I want to share it because it’s super useful, and also because I adore these pictures of Laura’s twin boys in the pool.

I was recently introduced to waterproof digital point and shoot cameras by a friend. I bought one because we spend so much time at the pool and it has quickly become my summer best friend. It is something I think all moms who spend any amount of time near water would enjoy.

  • No more worries about kids splashing the camera and destroying it
  • Great for beach shots so you don’t worry about sand ruining your lens
  • Small and compact to take to water parks, parties with water slides, pool parties
  • No more developing costly underwater shots from disposable waterproof cameras
  • No more sitting on the side taking pictures of your kids in the water, you can be in the water taking pics!

I bought my camera refurb for $80, mostly to be cheap but also to be environmentally minded and to test it out to see whether I would get use out of it.

Since my boys are four now, it’s been a long long time since a “thing” was so exciting to me so I thought I would share. I wish I had it when my boys were toddlers splashing like maniacs in the baby pool!

I’m pretty much purple with jealousy at Alex and Nate’s swimming abilities because my son is older than they are and can’t swim. Read more about Laura and her fish-like sons at