Activity #275: Put the child in a container

This suggestion came from my friend Sunny on a rainy day. “You put a boy in a small bucket and see how long it takes for him to get himself out,” she explained. “In this case, he wanted to stay in there.”

Toddler in a bucket - fun for a rainy day

In fact, he has a history of squeezing his way into several other containers, too.

Fun tip: Put your child in a cardboard box


Fun tip: Put your child in a toolbox

Seriously, a new container that your child has never seen might inspire some imaginative play that allows you to ignore him and focus on reading clever web sites.

Other ideas now that you have the bucket out?

Put toys in the bucket. Let him eat a snack in the bucket. Turn the bucket over and stack blocks on it. Hide something under it. Decorate it with sticky notes. Roll it on the kitchen floor.