Checklist for pumping moms

breast pump in use

Checklist for pumping moms:

  1. Pump. Double electric is terrific for daily pumpers; a hand pump might do the trick for occasional pumpers. Know your lifestyle, then choose.
  2. Bottles & Flanges. The flange is the funny funnel-shaped thing that goes on your breasts; most allow you to pump milk right into bottles and/or storage bags. Count how many times per day you want to pump and purchase a few extras to allow for the dishwasher to run.
  3. Storage bags. You’ll want a bag to carry your pump and your milk bottles. Many of the nicer pumps include such carrying totes, but an insulated lunchbox will also do the trick. If you pump enough to store up a stash, freezer bags are a good choice.
  4. Pumping bra. I’m a huge fan of this band of fabric that allows me to be hands-free.

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Thanks to Hygeia for providing me with this pump and to giggle for paying me to take a selfie and tell you all about it.