A poor man’s Phil & Ted stroller

I just saw that mod*mom and our friends at Babyccino have been blogging about the Phil & Ted stroller, the slickest buggy around for a two-kid family.

Both Heather and I debated whether this was a (major) purchase we needed as we had our second babies. We both decided to skip it, although it sure does look nice. Instead, we typically wore the small baby in a Bjorn and pushed the toddler in a stroller.

Pic by wayne

As the small baby got too big for the Bjorn, s/he got promoted to the stroller and the little dudes had to walk.

Then one day Julian decided he would get in the undercarriage of my cheap-o universal stroller, and we both loved it! It is so much faster to get two kids from a city parking space to a destination two blocks away (in San Francisco, two blocks distance is considered a pretty good parking space) when I am not relying on the little man walking on his own two feet. Julian says that it’s his clubhouse.

Who needs Phil & Ted?