Tech Tuesday: Claim your toddler’s hood with a t-shirt

Customized tshirts have never been easier to order. No longer must you be ordering for a whole team to secure an affordable price per shirt. Numerous websites allow users to design and purchase tshirts with their own names or inside jokes.customized-onesie

This personalized onesie is from, where nine years ago I ordered Heather’s husband a shirt that said “My heart belongs to Heather” and forced him to wear it at his bachelor party.

I’m pleased to see they’re still selling that style (and it’s only $10.99 right now!) All you do is type the name of the person to whom your heart belongs and add it to your cart!


My other favorite custom shirt order was for Julian when he was a toddler and logged many hours of his day at one particular park in Berkeley.

I made this shirt (above) at many years ago, allowing Julian to lay claim to his territory, but I just checked the prices for you, and they are outrageous. (They must have gone up!) Simply colors has better prices and some cute merchandise — sleepsack, anyone?


Other sites that facilitate personalized gifts are,, and finally, which we use to sell our East Bay kid tshirts for promotion of our hyperlocal site I would check prices on all of them!