Parenting trend: skulls for the soft-skulled crowd?

What do you guys think? Love or shove the skull-and-crossbone trend on babies? On one hand, I get that it has a punk rock flavor and appreciate the irony of an edgy, yet toothless, human being.

On the other hand, something about the association this symbol has with death just weirds me out.

In the context of a whole pirate-themed thing, I like it. As a baby, my son had a handful of red and white striped garments from Gymboree with a hooligan vibe and I thought it was quite cute.

Heather just received the cute skull-adorned front carrier at the top of this post, courtesy of Evenflo. She said she likes it, but claims that this iconography is so prevalent right now that she wonders if skulls are the next generation’s Winnie the Pooh. And then she made her case by sending me links to all these items.

Sources: Sourpuss Clothing socks; girls onesies; booties from Stardust kids; handmade infant hat via

So, what’s your vote? For or against skulls for the soft-skulled crowd?