Best of 2014: My favorite Whitney posts

I'll drink to you, Whitney, here are some of your best posts of the year

Whitney is one of my best friends in the world. The fact that we get to work together, too, is the whipped cream on top. We talk almost daily about parenting in Berkeley, bloggy stuff, home reconstruction, the best places, and stuff that is total bullshit. Luckily she loves to share her insights and fun […]

I would cook more if my kids were less rude about it

Picky kids make for cranky cooks - solutions for picky eaters

I like the satisfaction of preparing a meal; trying new recipes and cookbooks; and eating healthfully. So, why would I rather hide out on my computer seeing what’s going on with Facebook instead of actually cooking according to my meal plan most nights? I am frickin’ beat down from all the complaints. This is a real photo of delicious […]