Introducing a magic online wizard that tells you which medicine to use on your child

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Since cold and flu season has arrived, I’ve seen a handful of nightmarish status updates on Facebook from my mom friends. Fevers, vomiting, and then catching the same set of symptoms a week or two later in the same house. I’m knocking on the wood counter my laptop is sitting on that this doesn’t happen to me.

My kids are rarely sick and because of that, my medicine cabinet is not frequently used. All the labels look similar to me and I have to read the packages over and over again to determine if I want to use something with a yellow starburst that says “Multi-Symptom Cold” or a red banner that reads “plus Acetaminophen”.

Guide to over the counter medicine for kids

Does this confuse you as well? I’m not a pharmacist, you guys. What I need is a guide to over-the-counter medicine for kids. And I just found one.

Over the counter medicine wizardGranted, this handy wizard only points you to Pediacare products, but I think it’s pretty useful. You click on your child’s weight and symptoms and the resulting screen displays the packages for the medicines that are a match.

I’d guess that many of us are traveling in the next few weeks. This symptom checker is available as a phone app called PediaCare Shopper’s Guide. It works like this:

OTC Medicine Guide App

Also, if you know you’re prone to spontaneous fevers and earaches emerging during trips, don’t forget about the light-weight single serving packets of Fever Reducer/Pain Reliever medicine I wrote about a couple months ago.

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