Oh, look! See my hipster tree ornaments!

custom tree ornaments by jackie kersh

My friend Jackie is operating an etsy store under the name go play. Her debut item is a Christmas tree ornament with a hip modern edge. Perfect for a nice Jewish girl from West Hollywood.

I have a tradition of giving my children an ornament each year with their name and the year on it. I asked Jackie to do a custom version for me this year. I suggested a particular musical instrument that each of my kids love and asked her to incorporate their initial.

Here are the ornaments she produced for me at the extremely fair price of $6.00 each. They are exactly what I wanted. I think their aesthetic represents 2009 just as perfectly as my husband’s ceramic running shoe ornament represents 1989, the last year he ran cross country.



Order your own via Jackie’s etsy store or send her an email at jackyohh AT yahoo DOT com.