Mom and baby costume idea: Owl in a tree

This homemade owl beanie is so cute, I had to share. Not only is it a simple sewing project, similar to the make a baby hat out of a tshirt post I did a few years ago, but the whole Owl in a Tree is a clever mom and baby costume idea. The mom behind this project is the author of the blog Humpty Was Pushed.

She provides step-by-step instructions in her post.

While she sews her owl eyes and nose to the hat, you could just as easily cut them from felt and glue them if they are just for one or two wearings.

Now that I know how to make a baby hat out of a tshirt, I have a hard time getting rid of any tshirts that have their hems intact. I see each of them as potential beanies!

Sewing not your thing? Buy one of these on Amazon.