Make a wee bunny or scrappy alien

DIY toy made from fabric scrapsThere are some really nice people on the Internets who make cute things and then share their patterns. I love making the stuff, but don’t have the talent to write the patterns.

These little plushies are small enough that you can sew them by hand.

Some uses for them:
– Force your child to get attached to one as his security bunny/bear/alien
– Attach to the outside of a store-bought baby gift to make it more personalized
– Place on a shelf in your house to remind yourself that you can make things besides babies
– Give to your mom as a reminder that she is the mommy and you are the child who still wants her approval

Benefits of this project:
– Motivates you to look into your scary box or bag of fabric scraps and use some and throw out some
– If you are not the type of person who has fabric scraps in your house, motivates you to head out to a fabric store and buy some
– Something to do while your partner is watching something you don’t care about on tv or hogging the computer
– Makes you appreciate the three naps a day your baby may be taking

Three small plush craft projects to choose from:
Mini Moopy – pictured above
Wee Bunny – from Wee Wonderfuls
Sock Dogs – Heather and I made these from Martha Stewart’s pattern. Here is the one I made after Martha wrote it up in 2002. (Instructions require both pages: Page 1, Page 2)


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