Make a superhero cape from a workshirt

When I saw Gabriela’s stuff on her etsy store, Capes and Aprons, I loved it immediately. We have quite a collection of capes, ranging from vampire to superhero to magician. But what kid wouldn’t love one like these:

My kids are very big on dressing up, especially my son.  I asked Gabriela if she could find a way to make a cape from a buttondown shirt as I had three cast-offs my husband had set in our giveaway pile and the fabric seemed so nice and easy to sew with. Yet, I was not capable myself (get it!? CAPABLE?) of figuring out how to make such a thing.

Gabriela did not disappoint. Look at her little guy with his business shirt cape! I am in love with the wristbands. Kapow! Kapow!

Get the full instructions for transformation from men’s shirt to supercape on Capes and Aprons.

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