Make a gift for less than $10 in less than 10 minutes

Looking for a cheap gift for a baby or kid? We had a little gift exchange with some other families and I had to buy something for a 2 year old girl for less than $10. I was pretty pleased with what I came up with, and think this is a great gift for pretty much any kid, including babies.

To make a “treasure box”, buy a gift box or one of these cute pressboard suitcases, and a pack of alphabet stickers, available at Target, scrapbook stores, or if you are fancy, The Paper Source.

Use the stickers to put the recipient’s name on the box. I like to add “treasures” but if the child’s name has too many S’s or E’s, you won’t have the right letters left over after you’ve spelled the name.

Depending on budget, put some treats in the box, or leave it empty. For a young toddler, I like small plastic animals or bath toys. For a big girl, crayons and stickers. For my 24 year old sister, I would leave it empty so that she can put her souvenirs from Florence inside.

The faux vintage lunch box I used in this picture cost $5.99 at my local independent toy store.