Lululemon loves me

Last night I went to a yoga class at the retail store lululemon.  They don’t have THAT many locations, so I realize you may not have heard of this store.  You have probably heard of yoga, though.

During the class we did a lot of putting intense pressure on the knuckles of our toes. It hurt really bad.  We had to breath through it. It hurt so bad in fact, that I had an intense flashback of labor contractions and the process of trying to breath through those. I panicked at this visceral feeling, and felt a little bit angry that I was being put through that sensation.

The rest of the class was really great for me, however, and it was free because it was a promotion in the store. Taught by architect-turned-yogi Peter Sterios, the idea was to expose us to his line of yoga mats and towels, marketed under the name Manduka, and sold at Lululemon stores. You see, it’s all coming together. I got a yoga class for free and he got to tell me about his yoga mats for free. And he gave me one. And now I blogged about it. God, where is this story going??

Anyhow, I was super excited to see that Lululemon, located in an upscale shopping destination in San Francisco, is having storytime in their store tomorrow. I love free storytimes! When I was a true rookie mom, it always helped get me out of the house. I think this is a brilliant way of showing a little bit of customer appreciation and if I had a huge list of stores that have little benefits like this for moms, I would be very happy, going from storytime to free apple cider to cheese samples with my baby in tow.

Are there any stores that bring you in with a free activity or other benefit like this?