Links I’ve loved this week

Looking through what I’ve pinned, emailed my husband, bought with my own money, and shared on Facebook, here are a few items that might intrigue you as well.

This coffee table from IKEA satisfies my three requirements: shelf for hiding remotes and other junk, no corners to poke your eye out, and modernish design.


This post was kinda fun. It shows a bunch of fictional Hollywood couples from different eras, ie Scarlett Johanson and Paul Newman. See more “impossible Hollywood dream couples”.

 mixed hollywood couples

I bought this sweater at Target and I can’t stop wearing it. It was $22.

Yep, there I am, talking about something super important, wearing my new favorite sweater.

This baby onesie-turned-cardigan is just so cute, but the tutorial tells me I might need to access more skills and patience than I have with a sewing machine. Via Feather’s Flight.

Jason Good gives parents 11 things not to feel guilty about. Thank you, Jason.

I love it so much that I must share how Wendy and her son Wyatt wrecked a book together. On purpose.

Finally, I am reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, and fast. Anyone else? I assume someone is because it’s in the top 10 on Amazon. I can’t wait for bedtime to come so I can snuggle up with my iPad and read it.


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