Link love: Two kids under two

As eager as I was to have another child after Julian, my uterus felt otherwise, and we ended up with two kids under three years old, rather than two years old, and are really happy with the spacing. Heather was equally eager and hit the jackpot with the famous “two kids under two” status. (She has already lost her chance to have three under three, BTW).

It turns out no matter how close or far apart they are, if they are both under-age for independent street crossing, there are a lot of logistical questions to be worked out. I am undergoing the true test right now with my temporary living situation that lacks a parking space. Sometimes I have to park on the next block and then walk, in a sidewalk-free neighborhood, with two kids and all the stuff that goes with them. Sometimes, it just cannot be done.

Just today I had to stop the car in front of my house, leave the groceries there, then go find a parking space, and then make the walk. If I had kept the groceries in the car, they may have had to stay there until my husband got home.

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