Link love for April

I answered the door yesterday while wearing an American Girl doll in a child-sized Ergo carrier. I had forgotten I had put it on.  That is my segue to this disorganized and varied list of stuff worth reading.

My personal time suck: I’m trying to figure out what I want in a loft bed set up for my kids — who still want to share a room but won’t forever. My husband sent me this “hacked” IKEA bed and when I shared it on Pinterest, the crowd went wild, so I figured I’d show you.


The black and white pattern is scrapbook paper. Awesome, right?

This version is with fabric:


One last tip from me today. That American Girl doll my daughter made me wear in a carrier? It’s a fake. Grandma and I agreed that the dolls are too pricey for a four-year old and she went with a knock off.  If you’re thinking of taking the big doll plunge, know that you can simply search for 18-inch dolls and accessories and save big bucks. Check them out.

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