Activity #95: Join a museum with a friend


Before I had a baby, I had never been a member of a museum or zoo.  I just never went back to one cultural venue with any frequency.  Since I discovered the world of children’s museums, I have purchased memberships to several types. In some cases, it’s clear that the membership will pay for itself pretty quick.  A place right in your city with easy parking that has features exactly the right age for your child can be a great value if you work it into your weekly routine.

If you think you’ll only go somewhere a few times per year, it’s hard to justify purchasing a membership.

My friend Darci has a sneaky strategy for museums that aren’t quite as convenient. She and her friend Jess frequently band together with their toddler girls to go for outings.  Abbi and Alex (above) are exactly the same age and the two moms spent so much time together in the first two years of their daughters’ lives that they joined museums together as a couple. Most memberships admit two adults and two children. Splitting the cost in half, the price becomes more compelling.

If a reader feels the need to scold me for recommending that someone cheat a non-profit out of their deserved admission funds, I understand.  I still think it’s a good idea and I bet that a few of you will too.